Mexico launches Gay oriented beer.

The Guadalajara's beers Salamandray Purple Hand Beer exclusives for the gay/lesbic community,are a success in the country.

Darío Rodriguez Guadalajara's entrepeneur for more than year started the project to make a beer that identifies with the gay community.

“It has been a challenge here in Guadalajara, they told us that we are very brave to develop the unique drink at exclusive world-wide level for a sector, and is the unique beer that processes 100% Malt with organic honey and that is with a citric touch”, he said to EL UNIVERSAL newspaper.

The company Warehouse 12 initiated the past week the distribution at national level of the drink that already exceeded the anticipated orders of one first production of 500 boxes that makes of artisan way the Brewery Platen press.

Given the acceptance of the product in the national market, it is probable that the commercialization in the United States, Central and South America this same year.

“We never thought that the beer at national level would be such a success, we have received calls of Colombia and other countries of Centro and South America and even from  Miami are interested in our product”, he commented.